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As an organisation, we recognise that communication causes us significant issues.  We find this primarily when communicating team selection, as we rely heavily on emails.  Its an extremely time-consuming process, especially when we have to rely on email addresses held within the BFA Membership system (Sport80).  Not everyone sees or responds to these emails in a timely manner.

In an attempt to address this, we will be introducing a new tool, teamo.  teamo is a GDPR-compliant communication platform.  Using a social media model, this smart phone app will enable better, more immediate, communication. For for detail, follow the link to the teamo website, here: teamo website. From here, you can find full details of the features, plus useful videos of how to use it.  You can also install the app from the home page, either via iTunes or Google play.

To register, follow the link: https://www.teamo.chat/club/register/welshfencing

We plan to use this:

  • to capture key medical and emergency contact data for all selected team members, accessible by Team Managers;
  • to quickly check fencer availability for events, through a single click;
  • rapid communication of selection;
  • integration of payment systems to simplify fencer payments, utilising Stripe;
  • one touch communication to the full team during an event;
  • support for safeguarding by hiding personal data of Under 18 fencers, and including parents/guardians into the system to ensure they are aware of any comms and can respond on behalf of their children

We plan to create a FAQ page on how to use the app, so if you have any questions, please check out the page here: FAQ.  If that doesn't answer your question, you can drop me an email (mark.ridsdale@welshfencing.org) or contact teamo support via the app itself.



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