Return to Fencing - April Update

The following roadmap indicates how the Welsh Government advice can be interpreted to permit the return to fencing.

Please note:

  • This is subject to the Welsh Government guidelines and may change
  • Any activities must be fully risk assessed and the risk assessment sent to Welsh Fencing prior to any new activities commencing
  • At all stages, an opt-in system for activities requiring a less than 2m distance should be in place. Fencers or coaches should not be placed under any pressure or obligation to perform any activity less than 2m apart.

Update - 8 April

  • Outdoor Group activity for up to 30 adults can restart from the 26 April, where it had previously been the 3 May.
  • Indoor sporting facilities, including gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools will be able to reopen on the 3 May for individual activity, previously the 10th May.
  • Gatherings of up to 15 indoors for exercise classes etc will return on the 17th May, as previously planned.

Return to Outdoor Activities

Following further discussions with Sport Wales, we can confirm a small change to the 2m rule that will make a significant difference in the fencing activities that can take place.

Up to now, the guidance that the board has had is that the 2m rule is to be rigidly enforced at all times. This has meant that traditional lessons, partnering and sparring have not been permitted.  There has been a change in emphasis which now indicates that the 2m distance can be temporarily impinged upon if it is due to a sporting action, as long as it is for the shortest duration possible, and at all other times, the 2m rule is enforced.

Given that the Wales-wide restrictions for travel and outdoor sporting activities have just been lifted, this provides clubs the opportunity to return to fencing in a more meaningful way than was possible last year.

New Domain -

Over the next few weeks, we will be moving to a new domain - - so to get to our website, you should use this new domain name:

For the last few years, we have hosted our website on a shared hosting provider.  We have not been satisfied with the performance, as we are impacted by the other websites sharing the same server.  As we approach the end of that contract, we have established a new domain, and have moved to use AWS Lightsail.  This gives us our own Virtual Private Server, which we have more control over, and which we expect to perform much better.

We have worked with a local supplier, Olorun Sports, to design a bespoke set of kit that reflects the Welsh national colours of green and red. The aim is to give all members a clearer identity as Welsh fencers.

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