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Privacy Policy

This document defines our Privacy Policy. 

This is split into two separate sections as they are captured and managed separately:

  • Membership Data
    Data captured directly by BF, with data for members affiliated to Welsh Fencing being periodically retrieved and held on the Welsh Fencing server.
  • Event Data
    Data captured by Welsh Fencing (or by BF on behalf of Welsh Fencing) for the purpose of organising fencing events, including competitions, coaching sessions and development sessions amongst others.

Membership Data

What data is being collected?

Personal Data is held in the database underlying the Welsh Fencing website.  The source data is the Sport80 BF database of current Member & Club information.  Access to the data is controlled by username & password.

Who is collecting it?

The data is captured by BF, using the Sport80 membership portal.

How are you collecting it?

The data is periodically downloaded from Sport80, and integrated into our website.   

Why are you collecting it?

WF require the Personal Data in question in order to :

  • notify Members and Clubs of AGMs/EGMs and other important events & issues identify age- & gender-related eligibility data
  • for competition entry purposes (see tab for Event Data);
  • act as source material to support statistical data (as required by SportWales)
  • to provide a record of current DBS certificates (as required to evidence SafeGuarding requirements)

How are you using it?

The webmaster accesses the data by integrating the data into the underlying website database.

Public data will be publicly presented on the website; private data will be secured by username/password, and only accessible to those who require access to the data in order to undertake their activities, as sanctioned by the Board.

Do you plan to share it?

The data is not shared.

How long will you store it?

To strike a balance between deleting Personal Data once membership has lapsed, and the need to deal with any miscellaneous historic queries as they may arise, it is however reasonable to retain some historical records, and therefore where membership has lapsed, Personal Data is deleted after 3 years.</p

What control do I have over it?

As the source data comes from BF, any such requests should be referred to BF.

Is this likely to affect me negatively?

No.  The data is purely for communication and validation purposes.

Last review: 8 Deember, 2021

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