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Sport Wales Capability Framework

Self Certification

Sport Wales report the following: "To ensure that we are investing public money responsibly, together with partners we have developed a new Capability Framework to support the continuous improvement of organisations so that they are best prepared to achieve their potential. In order for us to have confidence, we require you to meet the Essential Requirements below by March 2020. Please self-certify that your organisation has the following Essential Requirements".

Welsh Fencing have self-certified as follows:

The organisation is appropriately constituted with a Governing Document, rules & regulations.  All regulatory & statutory requirements are being met.


A self-declaration that the organisation complies with all relevant legal and statutory obligations, including HR if there are employees.


The organisation has appropriate insurance arrangements to protect its resources and people.


An Equality Policy is in place & supported by a public commitment & by March 2022, meets the Sport Wales Gender Parity Policy & / or has an agreed action plan leading to a board achieving gender parity. 


A Safeguarding Policy is in place & supported by a public commitment.


Annual Accounts & financial compliance with statutory and regulatory recommendations and obligations.


If a recognised NGB, confirmation that the NGB undertakes the necessary steps to maintain its recognised status.


Governance Improvement Plan

  1. WF will continue to review its Articles to ensure that they are fit for purpose.  We will ensure we continue to meet any regulatory and statutory requirements. 
  2. The organisation has appropriate insurance & this is available online (Insurance Documents).  We will continue to review this policy to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  3. Our Equality Policy is in place, and online here, as part of our Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct
  4. Our Safeguarding Policy is in place, and actively maintained.  It can be seen here: Safeguarding Policy and Resources
  5. Our Annual Accounts are fully compliant with statutory regulations and obligations.  They are visible to our Members (for example:AGM 2020),  approved at each AGM, and are supplied to Companies House in accordance with our obligations.

We will continue to review this as part of our regular Board Meeting cadence to ensure we continue to be fully compliant, extending our capability where possible.

Welsh Fencing Limited is a company limited by guarantee no 7583044. Registered in England & Wales.

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Registered office: Welsh Fencing, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW

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