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ADP News

August 16, 2022

ADP Coaches

by Mark Ridsdale

he Board wishes to clearly identify the Welsh Fencing ADP coaches as

  • Fran Whalley,
  • Peter Russell,
  • Dan Robinson
  • John Rees,
  • Mike Evans-Jones

The above will also be clearly identified at future ADP sessions, their names will be displayed with contact details on a board within the fencing salle.

The above ADP coaches also act as ‘recommenders for selection’ i.e. they will recommend named fencers for potential selection. Final selection will be made by the Board excluding those Board members who are also ADP coaches.

June 12, 2021

Proposed System

by ADP Cymru Team

The sections below show the proposed structure of the programme for each age group.

July 16, 2021

ADP Cymru - FAQ

by ADP Cymru Team

Welsh fencing is pleased to announce the introduction of the ADP Cymru programme. 

We want to create a fencing organisation that the people of Wales can be proud to represent, support and aspire to be part of; creating a group that exhibits the best standards of personal character but also excels in technical, physical and tactical competence.

We want fencing to sit as proud and significant part of the national sporting landscape and become an avenue through which any person in Wales can become a World-class athlete and individual.

July 20, 2021

Delivering Performance

by ADP Cymru Team

Programme Structure and Content


The programme will encompass all athletes and at times will be divided into separate age groups. While many sessions will be delivered in tandem there will be specialised content delivered to each age group. We will be looking for our more experienced athletes to display leadership and mentorship skills in the programme, and provide our younger athletes with aspirational training partners.

June 12, 2021

We Are Wales

by ADP Cymru Team

yddraigThe “We Are Wales” mantra reflects the over arching theory that underpins everything we do, and allies with our key national identifiers - a proud, passionate, welcoming, innovative and inclusive nation.

Our athlete values are based around the Dragon and we want our fencers to become Y Ddraig when they represent our nation.

Welsh Fencing Limited is a company limited by guarantee no 7583044. Registered in England & Wales.

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Registered office: Welsh Fencing, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW