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January 04, 2021

Veteran Welsh Team Selection

by Mark Ridsdale

WVFA Team Selectors 2020

  • Foil: Margaret Myers
  • Epee: Catherine Bowd
  • Sabre: Ceri Thomas

Appeals to WVFA Chairman (chairmanwvfa@yahoo.com), ratified by the selection board.

As per the current Selection Policy, below.

Upon selection/acceptance of a Team place you are permitted to wear the current FIE approved Welsh patch, the Welsh Stripe is still permissible at Comonwealth events.

Eligibility for selection:

  • Born in Wales
  • Parent/Grandparent born in Wales
  • Residency in Wales for a continuos period of 2 years (or more) and on the electoral role.
  • Membership of WVFA/WF
  • Membership of BF
  • Mandatory membership of the BVF (for all open BVF veterans competitions and for Winton selection)

FIE license must be held for Veterans Commonwealths/ Individual European Championships, or if selected to represent GBR for European Teams/World's.

January 02, 2021

Junior & Cadet Commonwealth Championships 2021

by Mark Ridsdale

The Junior/Cadet Commonwealth Championships are tentatively scheduled to be held in August/September, 2021, in Raipur, India.  A detailed schedule for this has not yet been finalised.

Fencer Selection

Welsh Fencing recognise that our traditional use of the British Fencing Cadet and Junior Ranking lists for selection would not be appropriate in the current circumstances.  We therefore propose to 'pause' our standard selection process, and implement something more reasonable and pragmatic.  This is still under discussion at Board level, but we were keen to communicate this to the wider fencing community of Welsh fencers.

March 09, 2020

Summary of Selection

by Mark Ridsdale

The following table outlines the summary details of selection for the Wales team for the various Cadet, Junior and Senior events for which a national team is selected.

Further detail can be found in each of the specific Selection Articles in the menu below.

February 28, 2021

Eligibility to Fence for Wales

by Mark Ridsdale

To be eligible to fence for a Welsh team you MUST satisfy one of the following criteria (1-3) plus satisfy criteria (4).

January 02, 2021

Challenge Wratislavia Selection

by Fran Russell


Fencers must first be a UK Citizen and hold a UK passport. You must also be able to represent GBR at an international level. You then have a right to represent Welsh fencing provided that:

  1. You are a member of Welsh fencing, and have been for at least 12 months prior to selection
  2. You were born in Wales
  3. OR you have a parent born in Wales;
  4. OR you have a grandparent born in Wales;
  5. OR you are normally resident in Wales and have been for at least 12 months prior to selection date.
  6. Fencers must also show a commitment to fencing competitively by attending 2 Welsh regional events and at least 5 events outside of the welsh regional events (these can include LPJS, Elite Epee, U14 events, Newham foil, cadet BRC etc)
January 02, 2021

Youth Five Nations Selection Policy

by Mark Ridsdale

The Youth Five Nations event is an U18 event, and is the replacement for the School Games.  

The Wales Selection Policy can be found below:

January 02, 2021

Senior Team Selection Policy

by Executive Board

This policy covers selection for Welsh Fencing Senior teams for Commonwealth Fencing Championships, 5 Nations and Winton Cup events. Selection for Junior, Schools or Student teams are NOT covered by this policy. This policy replaces all previous versions of Welsh Fencing Senior Selection Policy.